Environmental Policy Statement

Environmental Policy Statement

Asbestos Consultants Europe Ltd (The Company) is a leading health, safety and environmental consultancy providing specialist advice and services to both the public and private sectors, we have made ourselves aware of the consequential impacts our operations have on the environment. This we have done in relation to the resources used within the services that we provide both on site and at the office.

This Statement recognises the Company’s obligations and takes the documented approach as defined in BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and always strives to prove higher targets are possible.

The Company recognises its responsibilities towards protecting the environment, as part of its duties as a promoter of high quality management.

The Company shall address its activities and the impact on the environment with a view to compliance with legislation, regulations and any in-house and/or external guidance, which may be applicable to the Company’s activities.

The Company will seek to annually promote energy awareness within its workforce linked with staff awareness training.

The Company shall minimise the production of all waste and adopt a strategy of reduce, re-use and recycle when dealing with such waste.

The Company shall actively seek to promote good environmental practice through good working relationships with the Environment Agency, local authorities and the community.

The Company shall promote environmental awareness among staff, clients and visitors through the distribution of this policy and the inclusion of environmental awareness in its induction and refresher training programme.

The Company shall maintain an open line of communication for employees and members of the public to convey concerns of hazards and the environmental impact of our organisations activities.

All staff are encouraged to assist with the successful implementation of this policy at whatever level they are employed within the Company.

In pursuance of excellent environmental performance through the ongoing development of our formal Integrated Management System (IMS), we will put in place and regularly review appropriate measures to prevent pollution incidents.

The Company shall set up and operate an IMS encompassing Environmental Management and make a commitment to continual improvement of its performance through regular reviews of its policies, procedures and working practices.

Senior management commit to comply with requirements and continually improve the effectiveness of our Environmental Management System and Culture.

Andy Routledge
Managing Director
Asbestos Consultants Europe Ltd
Dated: 11.05.16