Fire Strategy

Fire Strategy

RRFSO 2005

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005

A fire strategy is recommended for all new and existing “complex” buildings irrespective of age, method of construction or materials used. The definition of a complex building is subjective in many ways, however a shopping centre, large commercial building or underground facility would undoubtedly fall into this category.

Whatever the requirements our consultants have the knowledge, experience and technical training to ensure that the customer’s objectives are achieved in the most cost effective manner.

The fire strategy would typically focus on the following issues:

  1. Evacuation routes;
  2. Fire rating of walls, doors, floors and structure;
  3. External fire spread issues; and
  4. Facilities for firefighting.

If construction or refurbishment works are to be undertaken in occupied buildings, then a temporary fire safety plan is recommended which should address the following areas;

  • Building Population
  • Means of Warning and Escape
  • Fire alarm and detection system
  • Horizontal means of escape and vertical means of escape
  • Emergency lighting and escape signage
  • Internal Fire Spread
  • Structural Fire Protection
  • Load bearing elements of structure
  • Compartment construction including, fire doors, concealed spaces
  • External Fire Spread
  • Fire Service Access and Facilities
  • Management Strategy