Asbestos isn’t always just dull, contaminated grey fluff of death. The selling point of having asbestos products around in the first place was for its easy adaptation to be fitted and installed almost anywhere, and everywhere.

Here at ACE we have selected a few amazing asbestos related photography, that showcases Asbestos in a fairer light. From natural beauty to moderated beauty, to just an interesting concept and shot; we welcome you to take a look at the different types of asbestos fibres in a more unique point of view.

This isn’t to say Asbestos should be admired and collected by any means, but it’s just to show that not all harmful things come in ugly packages. In other words, don’t always judge a book by its cover.

Credit given to Flickr and Asbestorama for providing these photos for the public to view, and therefore for us to present!
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