ACE accumulates 4 top volunteers on a Community Action Day to join David at Buzz Lockleaze to help with their current landscaping and gardening project.

The importance of Buzz is grand. They are a non-profit organisation that have developed a garden that helps teach individuals how to utilise their own garden patch and rural space on how to tend and nurture it to grow their own resources. In a day and age where we are becoming much more health conscious than we’ve ever been before; many of us can sympathise with just how difficult it can be to afford healthy nutrition. So, if we all took advantage of our garden spaces and learnt how to develop our own harvests, we could end up being at a significant advantage.

On top of this, the produce developed from the gardens is served at their café to offer fresh, domestic, homegrown food for customers to take advantage of.

“Carolina, Jen, Natalia and Raf from ACE spent the day digging and weeding, planting vegetables and flowers and prepping hanging baskets to be hung around the square… stopping half way through for a delicious lunch of soup and paninis prepared and served by very talented ladies Maria and Lizzie!”

It doesn’t stop just there though. Our team of 4 from ACE will carry on their mission to monitor on the development and progression of the crops, ensuring a vigorous and steady growth for all the seeds planted.



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