Asbestos Services


The goal of ACE is to identify, provide and create a unique network of innovative asbestos services that will drive standards and increase operational expectations to those looking to achieve occupational or environmental compliance. The key to our success has been the way information is managed, shared and interpreted within our customer community.

Our customers have found that our network of expertise helps them to create an era of effectiveness supported by sound infrastructure which offers new information and ideas.

ACE provides a range of services aimed at building capacity, promoting excellence and fostering a community of expertise. The company is designed to support these goals by providing the opportunities to work within, or have access to, an environment that enhances the ethos of “productive information at a competitive price”.

Our main customer commitment is to provide accessibility to details and data that they would not normally have access to. Therefore by allowing customers to utilise the larger community it provides them the opportunity to enhance existing policy, practice and training whilst safe in the knowledge that the system is supported by intellectual ability and professionalism.