A building with asbestos may be a rare find today, but surprisingly enough many schools around the country still contain it. Managing asbestos isn’t easy, but is extremely important. Bath and Bristol are just a few of the cities faced with the task.

When it comes to Bath and North-East Somerset there are 70 schools/academies that are known to possess Asbestos within the premises. This is especially alarming since there are 77 academies in those local areas; meaning that only 7 of those were asbestos free, or at least not confirmed to contain it.

Combining that into the Bristol, South Gloucestershire and North Somerset council areas, at minimal 200 schools within that area are in hold of asbestos as well. So this isn’t an infrequency, and will definitely become a problem if they are not competent in maintaining the substance. If they are, and I mean really are, then well there’s really nothing much to worry about.

Buildings were constructed using asbestos fairly often before 1999 due to how powerful of a heat insulator it was and how protective it was against corrosion. But if the fibres break and spread, becoming airborne, then it is no longer safe and actually extremely harmful in the long run if breathed in. Over time the fibres breathed in will damage the individual’s health and lungs, developing into Cancer and potentially becoming fatal.

So managing the substance is of severe importance, especially in a site such as a school where people of several ages attend to every working day, and even non-working days too. Asbestos Management is no longer dealt by the council’s Property Services Department either

To see a list of several of the schools that have asbestos within their premises and within these regions, and also gather some further information on the subject then have a look through the links presented below: