Survey, Audit and Inspection

Survey, Audit and Inspection

If you provide a service (paid for or free to use) or you are an employer you are required to make “reasonable adjustments” to any features of your property that acts as a barrier to access.

If any of these features prevent access or make it unreasonably difficult for disabled visitors to use your services, then you must take reasonable measures to:

  • remove the feature
  • alter it so that it no longer has that effect
  • provide a reasonable means of avoiding the feature
  • provide a reasonable alternative method of making the service available to disabled people

An Access Audit is an assessment of a building, property, a service or an environment compared to best practice standards to grade its accessibility to disabled people.

Ace consultants can carry out a detailed survey of your premises and services or even an inspection of a specified aspect of your business. The survey would generate a report and would make recommendations to ensure your full compliance with the relevant legislation.